Earn your UNIV 1001 credit during R.O.C.K. Camp!  Students who participate in our August R.O.C.K. Camp program will be able to enroll** in a special session of University Perspectives course during the August intersession term! 

All first-year students (**excluding Walton College of Business, College of Engineering, Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, and Music Majors – which require their own major-specific course as an alternative**) are required to take this University Perspectives course during their first year at the University of Arkansas – so why not take it with us and get it done before you start your fall semester?

Enrolling in our special section will all you to earn this credit and get it done before your first day of class in August! Taking your UNIV 1001 class with Camp will be the most energetic, interactive, and fun way to complete your UNIV credit. 

This sounds AWESOME! How is this class structured?

  • Our section of the UNIV 1001 class will be a blended class, meaning that there will be a few assignments that you will do prior and after Camp at home or online (via Blackboard), and the rest of the requirements will take place during camp.
  • This section of UNIV 1001 will take place during the weeks of August 5-16 (online only August 5-12).
  • Students who enroll in our UNIV 1001 class will be required to participate in all aspects of Camp and will be asked to complete reflections at the conclusion of Camp to receive full credit.
  • This is course will be graded on a A/C/F grading scale. Participation is key!

In order to enroll, students must:

  • Be registered and confirmed to attend R.O.C.K. Camp in August (2019).
  • Have indicated on the registration form that you want to opt into the R.O.C.K. Camp UNIV 1001 course.

Students will pay for the course via UAConnect portal. Standard university credit hour rates apply.  The fee will show up as an August Intersession Fee, but will be applied to your fall bill. 

If you opt-in to utilizing the R.O.C.K. Camp Credit, you will receive more information via email. 

Contact us at rockcamp@uark.edu  with any questions about this exciting opportunity!