You might have questions about the R.O.C.K. Camp Expedition experience and we’re here to help! Bellow are the answers to some of most Frequently Asked Questions.

If the answer to your question is not located below, or you would like further clarification, please feel free to email us at or call us at (479) 575-5002.

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How do I sign up for R.O.C.K. Camp?

Registration will open May 1, 2019. R.O.C.K. Camp will be limited to 300 students per session. Click on the registration link in the navigation bar. Registration for all of are camps are through HogSync which is used for all on campus events and leadership opportunities. You will need to have your student username and password and your student ID number.

What if I am not the R.O.C.K. Camp type?

There is no R.O.C.K. Camp type!

All different types of student (from across Arkansas, the United States, and abroad) participate in this program. R.O.C.K. Camp is all about welcoming students to the University of Arkansas. Students and mentors that attend R.O.C.K. Camp are from all different places with a variety of interests and experiences, all of whom want to help you learn what it means to be a True Razorback!

Can I participate in multiple R.O.C.K. Camp programs?

Yes! In fact, we have many students who do so!

Students may register up for both of our 2019 camp programs, and attend both a session of R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure in July, and R.O.C.K. Camp in August. 

When I click on the registration button it asks me for my username and password, what is this?

This is asking for your University of Arkansas Username and Password. This is the same information that you used to register for New Student Orientation, Academic classes, and to pay your student account. The username should be the letters and number that appear before the ampersat symbol in your student email account. For example: The username for “” would be “rockcamp”. Please note: some computers require that you enter your whole email address (e.g. instead of just your username. If you are still having trouble with your username and password, please visit

How much does R.O.C.K. Camp cost and what does this cost cover?

The registration fee for R.O.C.K. Camp is $225 and covers all program cost and materials during camp, a t-shirt, lodging, meals off campus (and on campus if they do not have a university meal plan), and transportation to the overnight camp in Welling, OK, and our community service projects around the Fayetteville community.

Can I cancel my registration for R.O.C.K. Camp & receive a refund?

Yes, the last day to cancel and receive a refund (minus the processing fee of $50) is Friday, June 28, 2019 and the last day to receive a half-price refund (plus the $50 processing fee) is Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

To cancel your registration please email FROM YOUR UARK EMAIL ACCOUNT requesting a cancellation of your registration by the aforementioned deadline. Our staff will make the change and email you to confirm it has been made. Cancellations may be made after the half-charge deadline of July 17, 2019, but you will still be charged the full R.O.C.K. Camp fee ($225) to accommodate for expenses already paid and accrued for holding your spot in R.O.C.K. Camp. You may switch to another session.

Quick Reference: 

  • Canceling before June 28, 2019 (by 5pm) will result in a charge of $50.00 (processing fee only)
  • Canceling July 17, 2019 (by 5pm) will result in a charge of $162.50 (this includes the $50 processing fee)
  • Any cancellation after 5pm on July 17, 2019 will result in a full charge of $225.00 (no exceptions) 
Where will I stay during R.O.C.K. Camp?

R.O.C.K. Camp is held on the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville main campus and in cabins at our off-site camp grounds in Welling, OK.

On the first day of R.O.C.K. Camp, students living on campus will move into their on-campus assigned residence halls and sleep there while camp is on campus. Students will move into their assigned rooms on campus during the day of August 12, but will be off campus that evening and the next in gender specific cabins with bunk beds at our off-site location in Oklahoma. They will spend the rest of camp on campus and will stay in their own rooms for the remainder of camp.

Are students who live off-campus or commute to campus allowed to attend R.O.C.K. Camp?

All incoming first year or transfer students (with less than 30 college credit hours) are eligible to attend the program including off-campus students. Unfortunately, the R.O.C.K. Camp program will not be able to provide on-campus accommodations for the program since students will be moving into their assigned rooms for the year. Students that are residing off campus will have to commute; however lodging will be provided for all students during the overnight stay at Camp Heart O’Hills for Day 1 and 2.

When do I move in if I am living on campus?

Students attending R.O.C.K. Camp will move into their assigned fall residence on the first day of camp (Monday, August 12, 2019). We send University Housing our registration list, and they will open up move-in time options via the University Housing “My Checklist” portal which allows our students to move in on that Monday. We send in our registration list in early August, so be on the look out around the first of the month for this option (we will also email everyone when this opens up).  


How do I pay for R.O.C.K. Camp?

The R.O.C.K. Camp $225.00 fee will automatically be charged to your university student fee statement at the end of August. This is the only way to pay for R.O.C.K. Camp, as it is part of the registration process. For more information on how to register for R.O.C.K. Camp, please click on the “Registration” tab on the navigation bar.

How do I change sessions from the regular R.O.C.K. Camp program to R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

Session changes between R.O.C.K. Camp and R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure is possible if while registration is still open and there are still open spots in your desired session.

If you need to switch sessions, please first register for your desired R.O.C.K. Camp Session to reserve your spot. Upon completing registration, email FROM YOUR UARK EMAIL ACCOUNT to request a session change indicating which session of R.O.C.K. Camp you would like to attend, and which session you would like to be cancelled. Our staff will make the change and email you to confirm it has been made.

If there are open spots, there is no additional processing fee to switch between sessions of the same program (i.e. Adventure from Session 1 to Session 3). The fees associated with switching between programs (ex. Adventure to Traditions camp in August) will depend on the time that the request is made.  You will only be charge the appropriate fee for the camp you switch into ($225 for camp in August, and $449 for and session of Adventure). Students will not be charged the $50.00 processing fee for this change.

Please Note: Switching from Adventure to our August sessions after their registration deadlines are processed as cancelation and are subject to those fees.

Where do I check-in for R.O.C.K. Camp?

When you first arrive on campus, you will check-in to your on campus residence hall according to the information that you have received from University Housing. After completing move in, you will find the R.O.C.K. Camp check-in tables located at the Arkansas Union International Connections Lounge. More specific check-in information and any changes will be sent to you in your confirmation emails as R.O.C.K. Camp approaches.

I have a conflict and won’t be able to participate in R.O.C.K. Camp until later in the week. Can I come to R.O.C.K. Camp late?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept students late, as programming is comprehensive and builds on later activities and due to the fact that we leave campus for Camp Heart O’Hills on Day 1 of camp. For questions or concerns about timing, please contact R.O.C.K. Camp at 479-575-5002 or email

I am planning to participate in Sorority/Fraternity Recruitment. Can I still attend R.O.C.K. Camp?

Both R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure and R.O.C.K. Camp do not have any conflicts with sorority recruitment or fraternity rush!

Those participating in the Sorority Recruitment process will be able to participate fully in all of the camp activities because the first events of recruitment do not start until the evening on Friday, August 16, 2019 and will not be charge the extra $60 early move-in fee on Thursday August 15 (since you will already be moved in on Monday, August 12). The Fraternity Recruitment process does not start until after the start of the fall semester.

Check out the 2019 Sorority Recruitment schedule HERE for more details!

I am in the Razorback Marching Band or the Spirit Squads. Can I also attend R.O.C.K. Camp?

Unfortunately, the schedules of R.O.C.K. Camp in August conflict with the Razorback Marching Band and Spirit Squads. However, students are able to participate fully in R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure!

I want to participate in Lead Hogs. Can I also attend R.O.C.K. Camp?

Yes, students that are chosen to be Lead Hogs may attend R.O.C.K. Camp in August! You will move in with camp on Monday, August 12, and attend R.O.C.K. Camp, and then begin any Lead Hog responsibilities on the following day. Also, there is no conflict with R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure.

I might need special accommodations related to my ability or disability at R.O.C.K. Camp. What do I need to do?

There is a place for you to explain what special needs you may have within the registration process. R.O.C.K. Camp activities are designed and can be adjusted for students with all kinds of ability and skill levels; however, there are certain abilities that are required to participate fully in aspects of the program because of the nature of the activities. If you would like further information, or If you feel that it is necessary to gain further clarification or provide further information, please contact R.O.C.K. Camp at or call (479) 575-5002. For additional information about the University of Arkansas campus and receiving special accommodations, please contact the Center for Educational Access.

I have special dietary needs, will I be able to have these needs met at camp?

The dining halls on campus and Camp Heart O’Hills are equipped to handle all different dietary needs and requirements. It is very important that you inform us of these needs prior to camp so that we can be prepared. There is a place for you to inform R.O.C.K. Camp of your dietary needs in the registration process*. *Please note that we submit our meal request in advance to Camp Heart O’Hills, so we can only meet special dietary requests that are made during registering for camp. If your dietary needs change between registration and Day 1 of camp please let us know as soon as possible so that we can attempt to make the appropriate order adjustments. 

When attending R.O.C.K. Camp, where can I park?

If you are registered for a parking permit, you should receive it prior to attending camp and can park in your designated parking spots on campus. If you are not planning to purchase a parking permit for the school year, then please visit For other questions or concerns related to parking on campus during move-in, please contact University Housing at

What should I do with my medication when we are at R.O.C.K. Camp?

If you have medication that you need to have stored specially, you should be able to store it in your residence hall room the same way that you will when you are living on campus. Medicine can be stored in the Infirmary while at Camp Heart O’Hills on the overnight trip, where we will have a registered nurse on site. We ask that you please make us aware of ALL medications in the registration process, as well as at check-in, so that we may assist you in the event of an emergency.

Is there cell phone service at R.O.C.K. Camp?

There is cell phone service at the portions of R.O.C.K. Camp that take place on the University of Arkansas campus. For the two night stay at Camp Heart-O-Hills there is limited cell phone service. In the event of an emergency, please reference the emergency numbers for the program in your confirmation email.

PHONE: (479) 575.5002